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Improve your finances and boost your credit score with these three simple steps:


Contact our friendly consultants and talk us through all your payment obligations. During this discussion, we’ll create your financial profile detailing your accounts and current financial standing. 


Our consultants will contact various financial institutions to negotiate and find the best solutions for you. Once all parties have agreed, your journey towards financial freedom can begin!


Now you have the chance to repay your debt without any hassle. We’ll ensure that repayments are affordable and allow you breathing space to take care of yourself and family. 

Why should you consider our loan consolidation services?

With plenty of individual payments, it’s easy to forget which payment to make 
and when. Debt consolidation is one monthly repayment instead of several payments, which allows you to budget accordingly.

The repayment amount will likely be less than what you’re currently paying. Now you have a lot more of your income to enjoy.

You won’t miss a payment  - and you’ll improve your credit score. A good credit rating means you have opportunities to apply for home loans or insurance in
the future.

Lower interest rates

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If debt consolidation is not the best financial fit, don’t stress - we have other solutions like financial rescue and debt review

At Debtline, we guide our clients and help them regain their financial stability. We know how frustrating it can be trying to find solutions on your own. To make the process simple, we handle all the administrative tasks and provide you with a  concise report detailing your options. All you need to do is select and you’re good to go!

Remember, it’s not a loan

We don’t want to put you in further debt. Our debt consolidation services is a review to help you streamline all your monthly repayments.

The idea is to make sure that you’re building towards a financially secure future. To do this, you need to take control of your finances. We’re here to help you do this!

"Debtline  is the best thing that ever came to my life. Thank you Debtline." Lourens M

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the debt consolidation program work? 

Basically, Debtline consolidates all your loan repayments into one simple repayment plan. There are times when small individual payments can slip by. No matter how small, missed payments on account can have a huge effect on your credit score. 

With our debt consolidations, we streamline this process so that by the time the end of the month rolls around, one payment is debited from your account. 

How much does the debt consolidation program cost?

It’s free. There are no upfront fees and if you do accept our services, the fees will form part of your new monthly payment plans. 

Remember, the fees won’t be exorbitant as Debtline will provide you with affordable monthly payments, based on your financial profile. 

Can I get credit while I’m in the Debtline Debt Consolidation Program?

The point of the program is to help you take control of your finances and not put you further in debt. By taking on further credit, you can risk a bad credit score and a poor financial standing. 

Once you have completed the debt consolidation program, then perhaps you can take up extra credit. However, the program is here to help you budget and take control of your finances. If the credit will hamper your progress, we suggest you avoid it.

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